Areas of Practice: Divorce & Post-Divorce
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Every party to a divorce in New York has the right to have an attorney of their own selection in order to assist him or her with the complex and emotional legal process. Every party should have an attorney to advise him or her of what his or her rights and obligations are under the law, court orders, and agreements. Under New York law and procedure, every litigant is held to the same standard as an attorney. If he or she chooses to represent him or herself, it is not grounds to have an agreement or an order set aside and deemed unenforceable. In most cases, the Supreme Court will not appoint an attorney to represent anyone other than the children in a divorce proceeding. Even if you are involved in an uncontested divorce or mediation, you should consult with an attorney to go over all of your rights and obligations under all of the agreements and documents submitted to the Court. At Van Horn & Friedman, P.C. our attorneys protect your rights.

Post-Divorce Services

After the divorce is finalized, there are often many provisions of an agreement or order that must be complied with by both sides. Van Horn & Friedman, P.C. offers legal assistance with enforcement, contempt, and modification proceedings. If your ex-spouse is not in compliance with the terms of your orders or agreements, or there is a material change warranting the need to modify an agreement, please contact Van Horn & Friedman, P.C. to schedule a consultation to review your agreement or order and go over your options.